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Saturday, May 15, 2010

So! Has anyone googled and found out what Hada Labo is already? :D

If you haven't, you can find out more about this amazing product in the next 30cm of post! ;p

Thanks to the invitation from Rhoto-Mentholatum, I was able to be there to participate and experience this wonder skin care.

If you have no idea who Rhoto-Mentholatum is, I think you've been living in the mountain for a leetle-beet too long! Anyways, to give you guys a short introduction on Rhoto-Mentholatum, it is a company dedicated to provide us with high quality non-prescription drugs, healthcare, and cosmetics products.

Apart from the best-selling Hada Labo skincare, here are some of the products from Rhoto-Mentholatum that you will definitely know about:

Surely, most girls would have heard of Lip Ice before? Who would forget their funky flavours for ordinary lip balms, and even tinted ones so that we could skip lipsticks altogether sometimes too!

And of course, if you have been   's reader, you would have definitely heard of Acnes Skincare, right right right? *stares at my one year supply*

Rohto is very famous for their eye drops, and I have so many bottles of it lying everywhere!

Back to the event proper, it was held at an extremely charming venue - Takumi Tokyo, at my most favourite place.

Keppel Bay!!!!!
Just check the awesome scenery out. We're surrounded by the sea (ocean)!

Of course, there is a reason for this venue, it is to fit the description of the Hada Labo lotion prefectly - locking up the ocean.

And of course, PR Execs of Vibes Comms are really, really meticulous. We have a little tag for our names, and "positions"! And guess what, they spelled my name right! :D Do you think they would hire me with my degree in Comms? ;p

We were (re-)introduced to the brand by the Senior Brand Manager of Rohto-Mentholatum Singapore, Mr. Gabriel Chu. The reason why I said I was re-introduced was because...

I've heard of the product before. (duh)

And in fact, I've heard SO MUCH rave about it, I kinda combed Tokyo the last time I went to look for it! Obviously, it was to no avail because if each bottle is sold in 4 seconds, imagine how many bottles would have been sold by the time you read until here.

I definitely stand no chance to grab any one. :(
肌研 while in mandarin is pronounced as "ji yan", which literally meant the research on skin. In Japanese, 肌研 is pronounced as Hada Labo. :)

The branding for Hada Labo is simple: 単純な--パーフェクト which means Simple and Perfect. Ok fine, you don't really need to know the Japanese words for it, but walau since I know Jap, let me practice a bit ok?

Think about the Japanese culture. It all revolves around these 2 adjectives. Think about how green tea is made. In Japan, green tea is not made by just throwing sachets into a mug and pouring hot water into it. It is about the ratio of green tea powder to the water, it is about the temperature of the water, it is about the amount of frothing, it is about the type of "brush" you use to froth your tea.

It may look simple, but it is perfect. Just like Hada Labo.

After the talk by Gabriel, we had like 6 super pretty girls demonstrating the correct application method for us! Honestly, I really LOVE how they all look, especially the cutesy one on the left! She was helping me a lot while I was trying out the products too, but sadly, I was too busy trying and gushing over the products, I didn't ask her for her name. -____-

And also I was shy la.

Mr. Niwa Takeshi, Technical Manager from Rohto Japan then took over to reveal the secrets of Hada Labo.


Excited or not!!!!!

You know the secrets already can go home and make your own Hada Labo you know!

The secret of Hada Labo, is the usage of SUPER Hyaluronic Acid.
Yup, not just normal Hyaluronic Acid, but SUPER ones. Like as SUPER as  . (HAHA buay paiseh!)

So what happens is that the Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA) has twice the retention power for water as compared to normal HA. So using common sense, when SHA can retain more water, our skin will contain more moisture, and therefore, more moisturized!

Smart TTM! Do you think Rohto-Mentholatum will hire me with my Biotech dip? ;p (Ok la I know, everything I also want to have a share)

Moving on, we had a live trial of the Hada Labo SHA lotion right after Mr. Niwa's presentation. We were given a hydration test card to take down our skin hydration level before and after the application of the SHA lotion.

Testing my skin hydration level by a pretty girl and some really intrinsic detector. And me looking very happy lol.

After that, I applied TWO drops of the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid lotion. Not too much! Just 2 drops will do.

*rub rub rub* *pat pat pat*

Tested my skin hydration level a minute later, when the lotion was absorbed by my skin without a trace.

My hydration level almost doubled ZOMG!!!!
Oh eh paiseh, wrong picture.
If you get around 30 odd per cent you're actually pretty average. You're dehydrated when your water content is less than 20%. The ideal skin hydration level is about 40%, so as you can see, I jumped from a pretty average to an EXCELLENT in one minute!

Heehee a mega close up picture of my hand after the application. Have blings some more lor! :O
It was free and easy after the trial, so I roamed around the restaurant looking at all the range from Hada Labo.

The almost complete range, missing the lotion cuz everyone wants to get their hands on it.

Starting from the left, it is Rohto-Mentholatum's Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid range.

Consists of (from L-R):
  • Hydrating Essence, 30g, $30.90
  • Hydrating Masks, 4 pieces, $21.90
  • Hydrating Milk, 140ml, $22.90
  • Hydrating Lotion (THE best seller), 170ml, $22.90
  • Hydrating Facial Wash, 100g, $12.90
  • Make Up Remover (price TBC!)
In the middle, it is the AHA + BHA exfoliating range.
Consists of (from L-R):
  • Foaming Wash, 160ml, $15.90 (This product is very interesting! I like the "bouncy" feeling it showed when I watched the advert, so I'm gonna dig my own pockets and buy this when it's launched. :D)
  • Face Wash, 130ml, $12.90
And on the right, it is the Whitening Range:
Consists of (L-R):
  • Arbutin Whitening Essence, 30g, $30.90
  • Arbutin Whitening Masks, 4 pieces, $21.90
  • Arbutin Whitening Milk, 140ml, $22.90
  • Arbutin Whitening Lotion, 170ml, $22.90
ZOMG am I throwing you guys TOO MUCH INFORMATION already!?!?!

Well, tlook out, I'm gonna throw food pictures at you guys now, heehee.










But before that, can I rave about the food from Takumi Tokyo?!?!?!

It IS really one of the best Japanese food I've tasted in Singapore! It's really authentic to those in Japan, eating it just makes me miss Tokyo so much. T______T

Ok food now.

Extremely OMGISH soba. *stomach growls*

Ultra fluffy and fragrant tamagoyaki.

I don't really know what is this, except that I spot mushrooms and carrots. It resembles the 小菜 served in Ding Tai Fung! Mega yums too.

I had pan-seared salmon too, and it was delish! I think I can live the rest of my life just eating seafood and then finally die of high cholestrol!

Who ever needs meat when there's such awesome seafood available ZOMGGGGG.

*thinks again for 5 seconds*

Ok, I do like the pork rings I had in Tokyo though. And my Honey Chicken Chop. So I guess I can't really live without meat afterall, bleah.
So before I go, here's another picture of me, and Jae! We're the only 2 bloggers who picked the morning slot for the event. Early bird have worms to eat or not? D:

I hope you guys and girls have enjoyed my event write up as much as I did writing! I'm gonna pile on the mask right now, and head to lalaland. Remember, no matter how much skincare you use, SLEEEEEEEP is the most essential of it all. :)

Ok bye!

Disclaimer: Production of Hada Labo SHA lotion at home at your own risk. To prevent destroying your face completely, I would suggest you head down to the nearest Watsons to get one. :)

You can grab it from 20th May 2010 onwards!

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