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Monday, May 17, 2010

Being a girl can be really troublesome sometimes.

I've lost count of the number of times when I open up my wardrobe, and then realize I've got no clothes to wear. I've lost count the number of times when I stare at my shoe rack, I don't know which pair of shoes will actually match my outfit.

Oh by the way, I'm anal to the ultimate detail - my earrings AND my iPhone casings. (sometimes my nail colours too)

My iPhone casings HAVE to match my dress. If I'm wearing blue that day, then I'll use my blue case. Yeah you got the point.

So since I'm your friendly neighbourhood blogger, I'm gonna introduce you guys to a blogshop that I like!

The Avenue largely brings in their clothes from Korea, but fear not. All of them are instocks and therefore all ready to mail out. :D

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to wait forever for our clothes to come from everywhere around the world.

Let me show you some pretty clothes they have:

Of course, there are many, many more at the site. You have to go take a look yourself!

All these apparels by The Avenue fits from the smallest size S to the sexiest XXL.

Apart from pretty clothes, The Avenue also brings in shoes, hot pants... AND iPhone casings. Show you one that I'm gonna buy out from my own pockets!


And obviously, there are so many many many colours to choose from. I like the clear case for my black iPhone the best!

And guess how much these cost?














It's only $10. T______T (tears of happiness zomg) Ok, to be exact, it's $9.90.

If you don't fancy butterflies cuz it's too girly for you, there are other designs too.

Ris Low will like this cuz this is ZHEEBRA PREENTS. There are many other preens as well for you to choose from, all at the same site.


The Avenue, by J.

Ok! Shall resume shopping, see you there! <3

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