[Adv] Mascara - Why I USED TO Hate Them

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Don't you girls find mascara extremely annoying?
I hate it because:

1) It clumps up my eyelashes, sticking ALL of them together.. HATE THAT LOOK.
2) It's too heavy for my eyelashes to curl.

And most importantly,

3) It takes forever to remove!!! (think about the amount of eye make-up remover I've used!)

Until I attended the Déjàvu Va-va-voom Eyelash workshop last week, that is.

I was among one of the 20 invited bloggers (from fr3b!) to try out Déjàvu's new range of mascaras, and obviously, I was very excited because I was still on the quest to look for a mascara that is the least annoying of the rest that I had.

And obviously, I was kinda blown away by the generiosity of Déjàvu. They gave us all samples at retailing sizes! And there were 2 types of mascara, with EYELINER! Yes, I'm kinda easily contented like that. ;p

I mean, who can actually live without eyeliners?

That has to be the best invention in the world ttm.

We started off with a product show-and-tell, but trust me. I was more interested in diving into my goodies bag to dig out whatever they have and start trying. ;p

So 10 points for my attempt to paying attention (and taking pictures!)

There was a demonstration by a make-up artist as well, but because of my non-strategic position, I was too far away to take more pictures (and at the same time while everyone was taking pictures, I was busy digging into my goodies bag again).

And then finally, finally, we were allowed to start!!! :D :D
I don't know how you girls put on your eye make-up, but I always put on my eyeliner first. (Ok, unless I'm gonna wear eyeshadows, then the eyeshadow will go first)

The Déjàvu Lasting-Fine eyeliner prides itself to give ladies highly defined, yet natural eyes for the whole day.

The size is comparable to other normal eyeliners, but during the workshop, we were told to test them on our hand. After drawing the line and waiting for 10 seconds, we were then told to rub hard.

The result?

I've got red abrasion marks, but the eyeliner stayed damn well.
Here's a close-up on the tip.

I'd appreciate it more if the tip was rounded instead of a flat-top like you see. As it was a little sharp along the edges, I thought it was quite harsh on my lids as I tend to "scratch" harder when I use a pencil eye-liner.

Darkness wise, the eye-liner is pretty good at giving the natural look. I think I've been too used to the thick, jet-black lines liquid eyeliners gave me, I felt that there wasn't any obvious differences with my eye before/after the eyeliner use.

Therefore, I think the eyeliner is more useful for me when I draw my lower lids, since I cannot be as dramatic as I wished to at the bottom... because I'll end up looking like a clown! ;p

This Déjàvu Lasting-Fine eyeliner will be available at Guardians, John Little, Sasa and Watsons on 21st May 2010 at $19.

Moving on, we then tried on the Déjàvu Fiberwig EXTRA LONG.

Nono, this is not the usual Déjàvu Fiberwig that some of you girls may be using already. In fact, this is the next generation of the existing Déjàvu Fiberwig!

The main difference (also the difference that made my eyes open in wonder) is that while normal mascara requires you to do an extensive cleaning to remove them entirely, all you need to remove the Déjàvu Fiberwig is......

Anybody knows?


Warm water.

I cannot believe it. Maybe I had been sua ku, but I was honestly amazed because I've never heard of any mascaras that could be removed by just dabbing it with ONLY warm water.

Easy to wash aside, the Déjàvu Fiberwig also boasts to give the wearer longer lashes. All we need to do, is to apply more layers.

If you know me well, I was so excited in pounding 4534 layers on my lashes.

I is can be dolly-girl!

As you can see, Déjàvu Fiberwig doesn't call itself mascara.

It is paint-on false lashes, and yes, they are not kidding. This is like mascara and false lashes have sex, and they give birth to a baby.

By the way, Déjàvu Fiberwig is resistant to oil and perspiration, so you don't get the ugly smudge marks you get when you use the normal mascara.

Looking closely at the tip, you can see the "curl" along the wand of the mascara. This is to give eyelashes an extra lift, and if you like the lift already, you can actually skip the eyelash curler entirely.

I have deep set eyes, and curling my lashes often end up in clipping the flesh around my eyes.. so imagine how grateful I was when I know I can NOT touch that curling thing for as long as I wished!

Honestly, this is my favourite item of the lot... and I've been using it daily for a week ever since. And, it doesn't clump my lashes. At all.

It's awesome, and I'm not kidding.

This Déjàvu Fiberwig will be available at Guardians, John Little, Sasa and Watsons on 21st May 2010 at $25.

The last review of the day will end with the Déjàvu Lash Knockout - the volumizing mascara.

Unlke the Déjàvu Fiberwig, which gives length, the Déjàvu Lash Knockout gives volume to our eyelashes.

Apart from the difference in the bottle (red vs bright pink), it is also apparent that the wand tip of the mascara is different.

The thick, short bristles of the mascara wand is said to give lashes so thick, it leaves no gaps. (Think Barbie's eyelashes)

Here, take a closer look.

My take on this Lash Knockout is relatively ok, but it pales in comparison to its Fiberwig counterpart. A little clumping could be seen after I applied the Lash Knockout, something that wasn't apparent during the Fiberwig application.

Apart from that, I actually like the Lash Knockout too.

The Déjàvu Fiberwig will be available at Guardians, John Little, Sasa and Watsons on 21st May 2010 at $25.

Here's me, before and after.

Results were not very obvious when I have my eyes opened, but when they were closed, oh-em-gee.

Just check out how much longer my lashes are!! I bet they are comparable to falsies already FML!

If you're interested in getting a piece for yourself, you need not wait till May. You can place a pre-order with Fr3b.com nowowowowow.

We were then asked to complete our left eye as well, and refreshments were served. I had an ultra great time at the workshop, from digging into the goodies bag to trying out the new products.. and finally sipping cold lychee-whatever with my new found blogger friends and forever-lovely Elfaine.. it was mad beyond awesome. :D

Here's Esther and I.

  (which I had blatantly stole her picture to put up here ;p), Eflaine, Esther and I.

And yes! I love you Elfaine, thank you for inviting me to sooooo many fr3b events!! <3

Lastly, here's a shameless advertising for myself:

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Actually, you can vote for me just because you like me. You can also vote for me if you hate me too because.. urm... because I'm so pathetic that I need your vote to win. *smiles sheepishly*

Whatever it is, vote for me pleeeeeeaseeeee!!! <3 <3

To have a chance to be part of the next sampling workshop, do join fr3b as a member!

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