私は夫とー緒に日本への旅~!Part IV! Tokyo 2010

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Yay!! Today's a not-so-packed day with slightly more time on hand, so here's Day 4 of Nippon!

(Yes I'm still greatly excited about Japan even though I came back for like what.. 3 weeks already?! T___T)

This is technically our last day in Japan because we took a night flight, and reached Singapore in "Day 5".

I was kinda sad when we had to leave because I haven't had such mad joy for a long, long time! And obviously, this won't be possible without Nian. =)

I know I must be one of the luckiest bitches around, and trust me, I ain't taking any of these for granted at all.

Honey, I know you're reading this!

I won't start listing every little things that you've done for me, because that would probably take up the entire entry. I won't go on and on about the things you've given up for me, because that would just make me sound like I'm boasting.

I love every single moment we spend together. From the angsty arguments we have (really, sometimes I feel like bursting out laughing when I see you so mad, but I think by doing that would just get you madder so... Hee) to the pillow talks every night.

And.. I HONESTLY love all your silly jokes (no matter how much I roll my eyes and attempt to box you cuz you're sooo lame) because I know you'd never repeat it to anyone but me. =)


Mushiness aside, we practically shopped till we dropped on our last day. ;p

Salad bar

Outdoor swimming pool closed, obviously.

Nobody swims outdoor at freaking -2 degree celcius one.

There's an indoor pool though! Too bad never bring swim stuff :(

Act cute fail.

Little bridge that fortunately didn't break under our weight... and a little stream of water.

Oh +birds chirping, and slight breeze blowing.

+only the 2 of us in the entire garden.

= awesomeness.

Got into a hotel shuttle bus to head down to Aeon for some last minute shopping!

We had wanted to get more Hello Kitties, sports items, and hopefully a Porter bag for Leong.

Took us about 4 hours to comb only 70% of the area!

Saw some Sakura frappe or something when we were there, but didn't stop for a cuppa at all.


Oh, I almost bought this crocs boots.

Super cute, furry and pink!!!

Limited edition Hello Kitty Hard Rock Cafe Tee, but didn't get it because I don't wear much t-shirts, and I think to save up for the Hello Kitty space in my future home... is a little far fetched.

Clothes will spoil lor.

Hello Kitty lunch box that we didn't get too cuz we foresee that we won't be packing much lunches!

Bought Tako balls to eat. Their takos are like HUGIGANTIC!

Bought tonnesss of bubblegums too!

Walked past this bakery, and ended up buying cakes cuz they look TOO pretty (pictures later!) and just.look.at.the.candles!!


Spotted Daiso from 25KM away (you know I was exaggerating abt the distance right.) and ran in!

Btw, Daiso is CHEAP in Japan! Each item is only SGD$1.60!!

I came out clearing almost all our money. ;p

Headed to a pet shop further down the corridor and saw CUTE MAX puppies and kittens!!!

Awww. He makes me wanna go cuddle him and rub him on my cheeks. <3

The Persian cats are SUPER cute also!!!

Can catch One Piece characters too!!

Hahahaha super midget sized, CUTE!

You can try your luck to grab BIGASS Panda biscuits or Caramel Corn if you're hungry...

Or flying pigs!

Pink or black, you choose!

And since we (ok, I) wiped out almost all of our money at Daiso, we couldn't afford to spend extra in the arcade.

Sad. :(

But! We did have fun fooling around with these huge joysticks hahahah!

Proceeded on to the foodcourt to grab lunch.

You need to get these tickets, insert the money, and then pass the service crew your chit.

There, this is the chit. 640Yen costs about.. Er.

1000 Yen is $16.
500 Yen is $8.

So.. 640 Yen would most likely be $10?

Ordered from TenShinRou because the Ramen looked good!


The staff will page you when your food is ready!

*beep beep beep*!!

The noodles are NICEEEE!

It was surprising because I was expecting the least out of the lunch. It's a foodcourt, god damn it.

Who expects good food in food courts!?

Well.. apparently we had!

Went back to the Supermarket to get Meiji chocolates. WEEEE!!!

This machine is the COOLEST machine I've seen in Japan!

Basically, you just tally your own stuff and insert coins/notes to pay for your purchases.


In Singapore, you'd probably have people walking out of the damn supermarket with a big bag of items, but without paying anything at all!

Or that they would give themselves "free gifts".

*looks accusingly around*

I want to try also!!!

624 Yen for 6 slabs of chocolates.

If 1000 Yen is $16,

then 1 Yen would only be $0.016

What the hell.

Getting our change back. :D

Oh, this was the awesome cakes that I was mentioning just now.

With the cutsie candles!

We ended up buying a cake too... HAHAHAHA.

We walked back to the entrance of Aeon, but was about 30 minutes earlier than scheduled time for the bus to pick us up..

The crepes called out to us.

"Helloooo! Konnichiwa!! Eat us! Eat us!"


Chocolate ice-cream with BANANA!

Mine's chocolate whipped cream with brownies YUM YUM!

Finished up our last bit of awesomeness from Japan... and was on our way to the airport. =(

Hate it when the airport is like only 20 minutes away. :(

Checked in our luggage, and even included the fragile tag.

You know what?

When we collected our luggage in Changi Airport, this whole handle was gone!!

+4 studs on the wheels
+ spoiled zip

Never seem to get me confused.

What did SIA and Changi Airport do to our luggages!?!

Checked in and started roaming around.

Saw a ring that costs more than a million bucks!

And it's made from origami paper ok!!!

In fact, everything here is made of paper folds!!!

Nian used to be able to fold paper balls like these you know!

The only thing I can fold is probably paper hearts. And stars.

Seriously dunno how long it will take for these origami artists!!

Lots of noms.

It says Calbee Jagariko.

Maybe it's a derivative of Jagabee!

Mad yummy leh this one!

Go Japan must eat seaweed one.

Reached home!! And this is what we got on the last day.

Do you spot a lot of Hello Kitty items? Heehee.

Nian bought me this set of G-Tec pens that is all Hello Kitties!


I refused to use it at all!!

There! This marks the end of our Japan trip.

Ah geez, who doesn't hope this holiday will never end?

But *eh-hem* there'll definitely be more holidays this year!!

Hopefully amidst this holiday-filled year, we can still save enough cuz we want to go ski and snowboard next year!

Ok this entry will end abruptly here.


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