私は夫とー緒に日本への旅~! Part III! Tokyo 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Breakfast in Sunshine City Prince Hotel pales very much in comparison over the one we had at Lake Kawaguchi, but nevertheless, Nian and I still left with a full tummy!

(Need to stock up to fight the chill!)

We wore in opposite colours that day, coincidentally.

He was in red top, black jeans. And I was in black dress and red leggings!

We all look like ladybirds, I guess.

Outside the restaurant, done with breakkie. :D

Checked out real early, even though we only had ONE venue to go for the day.

Weather was clear, at about -5 degree celcius. Ears still threatening to drop.

After 15 minutes bus ride.... we reached our first and last destination for the day.


Disney train to send visitors to and from nearby hotels.

Tour guide says it's a less crowded day on that day because weather forecasts said it would rain. And Japanese happens to believe in weather forecasts very much. Wow.

Got our maps and tickets, EXCITED MUCHHH!!!!!


First thing we saw when we got in!!

Wanted to take pictures with him but WTF the Q was so long it went one round around the park and OUT to the exit.

So we took photos of less popular stuff. ;p

After staring at the map for about 5 minutes, we decided to do the Space Mountain first! But WTF if we were to queue, the waiting time is freaking 100 minutes.

Longer than a soccer game!!!

100 minutes = Almost 2 hours!!

Not gonna spend our precious time queueing, we opted for the Fast Pass, so we'll come back at 11.30AM. Gives us about 3 hours to roam around the park and take other rides in the meantime. :D

LOL Buzz Lightyear's uniform crew

Got our Fast Pass after about 20 minutes of queueing. Let's go somewhere else!

Headed to Micro Adventure next! It was quite interesting, in the map, it says that we're gonna get shrunk to the max at this Imagination Institute. Heehee

3D glasses!

Not sure if you know him, but if you're around my era, you'd definitely have watched Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

And he's the nutty professor!!!

Btw, there's a 2nd part to the movie called Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Again. LOL

Shrinking machine

Conference-like setting, we were like the audiences to the Best Inventor ceremony where the shrinking machine went wrong and shrunk us all down!

Very cool, especially at the end.

Not telling here, just in case I have readers who are planning to go!!

After that, we headed to the Grand Circuit Raceway for some adrenaline pumped racing!

Disney Grand Prix lol

Queueing, again.

In Disneyland, you just Q, and Q, and Q.

Got into our #7 powerful red car!!

Vroom vroom!

Dangerous driver lolol

Accident-free Grand Prix.

Went window shopping after that and saw loads of cutie Stitch stuff!

No Hello Kitties here, obviously, so I concentrated a lot on Stitch!

Bought Minnie Mouse's ribbon for $20.

And... I know it's terbalek ok! Just that I was in a hurry to snap a picture, so cannot be bothered. ;p

On our way to Tomorrowland Terrace for some lunchie!

They're like McDonald's with burgers and fries and everything nice.

Bought 3 different burgers to try!!

Shrimp is my FAVOURITE!!!!

Cute packs of ketchup. <3

Fries don't come in packets, they come in cups!

Mickey mouse cups, to be exact.

Headed to the Castle Forecourt Stage after lunch to catch a musical called the Rhythm! Melody! Harmony!


The show was about half-an-hour long, but I was busy dancing and laughing at the characters, I didn't take more pictures! After that, we proceeded on to get more rides.

Saw this whimsical musical merry-go-round. Didn't take that though!

But I thought it would be utterly romantic at night with the lights. <3

Bought $30 worth of popcorns!!!

They had like chocolate popcorns, curry flavoured popcorns, caramel popcorns... AND.


Obviously my favourite has to be chocolate!

Super cute container they had to store the popcorns too, they had different ones all over the park, and we ended up with Pooh!

Ok la, quite cute!

I was looking out for the Stitch one, but I guess they didn't have it. :(


*stomach growling*

The Alice in Wonderland section. It's actually a restaurant that served heart-shaped meat patties, rotisserie chicken and deep-fried seafood.


Headed on to the colourful "It's A Small World"

Basically, there are dolls from all over the world inside, dancing! Super cute.

Doesn't help when they have the "It's A Small World" theme song singing in all sorts of languages!

It's a world of laughter, a world or tears
its a world of hopes, its a world of fear
theres so much that we share
that its time we're aware
its a small world after all!!!~

Walked past Pooh's Hunny Hunt. One of the most popular attractions. Couldn't get in because waiting time was TOO long, and it wasn't time for us to qualify for our next Fast Pass. :(

Went to the Pinocchio section and look, even the toilet sign is a puppet!

Pinocchio and his apple

Do you know them?

They are Honest John (the fox) and Gideon! Btw, Gideon doesn't talk at all in the entire storybook you know why?

He's mute!

Walaueh mute already still so cunning, cannot imagine if he could talk. -__-

Nian and Eeyore

I actually prefer Tigger budden there was no more Tigger, so I settled for Piglet instead.

After clearing our bladder, we headed back for our Space Mountain ride.

It's a roller coaster ride, except that it's COMPLETELY dark, and the ceiling were all dotted with artificial stars and planets!

Very pretty.... until your train just suddenly dips, turns, flips and what have you. And you totally CANNOT expect it because you CANNOT see anything at all!

I screamed my lungs out LOL!!!

I was trying so hard to grab Nian but he was likewise flung around in the train like I was... HAHAHAHA!

And he was screaming as well because we AGREED to scream together so that I don't look retarded.
(Yah, so dark inside pple also cannot see me can. -__-)

Fucking fun!!!

Walked around some more and bumped into Pinocchio himself!

Took a rest, and took more photos.

Walked towards the Parade Route to watch the Disney Parade...

And saw Snow White and her dwarfs!!

Happy looking very happy. Heehee

Crowd gathering.

Most of them came prepared with mats, extra jackets, towels and food!

Nian's totally freezing from the lack of activity. ;p

Really, covering the nose and the mouth is a good way to keep warm!

The wind from Disneyland seems to be free. Blow and blow and blow.... X__X

After quite a while of waiting, we spot someone coming along!!!


Pretty flower girl cycling on a flower-laden tricycle!

Colourful butterflies!!



Hi Lilo!

Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Tinkerbell MIA.

Peter Pan's backside. :D

Pleasure Island crew, where all naughty boys get turned into donkeys.

There were the three little pigs too!

Stromboli and his clowns

Monsters from Monster Inc.!

Buzz Lightyear, to infinity and beyond!!!

Favourite movie back when I was in Primary school ok. ;p

Off to fight Emperor Zurg

Poor Woody. I've always felt sad for him when he got replaced by Buzz.

Hear! Hear! The Incredibles are here!!

Mr. Incredible..... and Elastigirl!

Too bad Dash, Violet and JackJack didn't appear. I'd LOVE to meet JackJack!

And finally, the finale..

The old time Walt Disney characters, full house!


Took the Western River Railroad to tour around the entire park... :)

Something slow la.

Headed to Lilo and Stitch's house wanting to watch a performance but time was running out. :(

Tallest tiki house I've ever seen srsly!

Wooooo Charles Muntz and his balloon house were there too!

"Good afternoon. My name is Russell...and I am a Wilderness Explorer in Tribe 54, with large 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?"


This cracks me up ALL the time.

Saw more Stitch while window shopping!

Couple Keychain!!

Cute max Stitch paws AWWWWWWWWWW.

Left unwillingly for dinner.... Next time, we'll be back to go DisneySea,

Ok buns? :D

BARBEQUE for dinner~~

It was so freezing cold it was almost -15 degree celcius by night time! And... we caught the 2nd wave of snow the night too!

Frying pan. In SG, we get to have oil/bacon fats when we fry our stuff, but in Japan, wa lao!

Totally dry one. T__T

Cooked food section

The mushrooms took a LONG time to get cooked cuz it was too dry la! :(

Quite fun to be cooking over the table with your loved one....

But honestly, this is the worst dinner I had in Japan.

Ok, maybe blame my lack of skills to pan fry... :S

Free flow sushi too

Kept some space in our stomach for those chio desserts :D :D

Babylove working with the soft serve machine. :D


It's soooooo soft and fluffy I tell you! If I were not on a diet, I'd probably have a buffet on this cake!

Went grocery shopping again downstairs but didn't get anything.

Took a lot of photos instead!

Really don't understand what this means.

Stepped outside the supermarket...

Blast of chill!

Headed back to hotel immediately to snuggleeee

They provided a simple yukata for us, and... HAHAHAHHA.

Bad picture cuz we had to use timer la! :D

But we had sooooo much fun!

Until he fell asleep.

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