私は夫とー緒に日本への旅~! Part II! Tokyo 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Picture perfect Lake Kawaguchi in the morning. It does seem like it is good enough to be a painting, isn't it?

Breakfast began on a very traditional mode - pickled vegetables.

I have no idea what this is, but reminds me of a certain seafood. Clams?

Innocent looking siew mai. Remember the lesson I taught you guys from my previous post?

NOTHING in Japan tastes as innocent as it looks!!

Pan-seared salmon and konnyaku
(I *think* it's konnyaku cuz it doesn't taste like anything else leh)

Tamagoyaki and seaweed

Home made Miso soup

LOL this is Nian trying to imitate the waitresses on how they are serving us.

Took the inside of the room in Day 1, but thought I'd take down my room number anyway

Checking out. :(

Robbers Rob the Robby. ;p

More details of Lake Kawaguchi that couldn't be captured in the night.

Just look at the snow covered forest!

Our small but cosy hotel. It has only 3 storeys!

This is the hotel next door, but it's not the point.

I was totally fascinated when I am 360 degrees surrounded by surreal, quietness and a whole load of snow.

Totally dressed in black, us.

And my turtle-neck top makes me look like I've got no neck fml.

Ran across the road to play with more snow. :D

Can see the background many people looking on the floor to find a spot to roll their snowballs haha!

Jump shot!

After which, we got onto the bus and proceeded on to Oshino Hakkai Village.


This was where we FINALLY came at the right time - it was snowing!! :D

Not sure if you could see the little white specks from the picture above, but gosh it was just awesome.

Minus the part that you get your hair wet after that la. ;p

Borrowed a kuku-overly small hat to cover my head while we walk into the village. This village is well known because the snow from Mount Fuji melts during the spring/summer season, and the water will flow to this village!

Even the fishes in the pond looks exceptionally huge and colourful. :D

Imagine, big blue fish? Geez! Next thing you see will be Avatars walking around!

Us being very contented because we finally saw snow, just as we were least expecting it. :D

Snow flakes on the wooden table

The main area of the village, where they will sell yummy scallops (they offer free tasting! YUM), muah-chee...


The thing about Japan is that, they've got all sorts of flavours for everything! I tried Soya Sauce flavoured pop corns the next day ok. ;p

For 300 Yen, there are 6 different flavours. You can add another 50 Yen to have double flavoured soft serve!

Written in Chinese, most likely because that place is too popular with tourists.

Nian and I shared a cone of Lavender + Peach.

The peach just tasted so good! Besides, the soft serve was so soft, wa lau eh. It just melts in my mouth!

Of course, since it was so freaking freezing, we could walk around for half a day and our ice-cream would never melt. Hahaha!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh :O :O

They made a mini spring to dispense the Fuji water. Visitors can refill their bottles for free, or purchase a 1.5L bottle at 150 Yen to fill the water up.

Bought another yummy goodie to munch.

And no, this is not the Incredible Hulk's droppings.

They call it the grass cake, but actually, it tastes EXACTLY like muah chee! Except the enlarged version and the much better tasting paste in it. Thank god they used red bean paste!

The snow then evolved to rain. -__-


Left the village, and headed to Peace Garden.

This is another area around Mount Fuji, where there is a statue of the Goddess of Mercy at the top of the hill.

Like its name, Peace Garden is really so peaceful, I think I want to grow old there wtf.

Just got off the bus and my ears are dropping off ttm. :(

More pictures of us at the entrance before walking up the slope.

Eating Fuji apple in front of a shrine. Hahahah!

Knock the bell for good luck!

Went all the way up to the shrine.

Poor Nian. He took such a nice picture of me knocking the bell, what the hell, this is what I took for him. T__T

Sorry huns!! <3




Apart from the udon, they served rice as well.

I know, super massive carbo loading. Can you imagine after eating so much, I merely gained 0.5KG?!

The cold weather is really good for metabolizing all these good food I see!

Very yummy flavouring you could dress on your rice. I had the wasabi one and almost teared through my lunch OMG.


Went to the toilet after the meal, and thought the toilet sign was quite witty.

Saw the English version one when I was in AU, but the Chinese one was awesome!

Bought grapes as dessert.

The grapes didn't taste like the ones we have here. In fact, the skin is sour like crazy!

What you're supposed to do, is to hold the grape on one end and bite.
The flesh will automatically detach itself from the skin! Taste wise, it's a little like konnyaku jelly.

Of course, you can either throw the skin away along with the seeds, or just eat it anyway if you don't mind the sourness.

Raining, but still very happy!

Oh, bought oranges as well. $1 for a small one like this ok! Expensive max. -__-

After that, we moved on to Hakone.

I made a mistake in my previous post, I thought Lake Kawaguchi was in Hakone, but that was wrong!

Lake Kawaguchi (
河口湖) is very near to Mount Fuji, it's located at Fujikawaguchiko. (Try repeat it for 5 times) Hakone (箱根町), on the other hand, is located at Kanagawa Prefecture.

I shall spare you all the geographic details, but these 2 places are actually 2 hours drive apart so I'm sorry to put them together!

Ok so, in Hakone, there's a famous volcanic valley. Our tour guide told us that the mountain is still an active volcano, so we could actually smell all the sulphur and see smoke rising everywhere!

The valley plus umbrellas because it was drizzling quite heavily.


Whole place in smoke and sulphur.

This is while we were climbing upwards to get a better view. Not everyone can climb though, it's advised that if people have asthma, pregnant, or aged not to climb.

Sulphur dioxide may cause breathing difficulties.

80 degree celcius

Amazing why the snow still remained!

Up, up, up.

Go Korea I climb, go Vietnam I climb, now come Japan, I also climb. -__-

Pictures overload because it was a long way up!

Where you buy the turo-tamago.

Basically, the people living around the area will boil the eggs in the hot spring. It is believed that if one were to eat the egg, it will increase their lifespan for up to 7 years!

pack of 6 costs 500 Yen ($8) Ate a whole lot of it cuz anti-ageing stuff are never this cheap! :p

So cool, black shells!

Left Hakone and went on to Shin-Yokohama.

It's a bullet train station yo!!!!

Wearing my dad's ski cap cuz it was STILL raining. -__-

Bought tickets!

Heading back to Tokyo from Shin-Yokohama.

The bullet train can reach Tokyo in 15 minutes, whereas a normal bus ride will take an hour.

Now you know why it's called a bullet. ;p

Train comes!!!

Sitting comfortably inside. There are smoking compartments, non-smoking compartments...

And most awesome?

You get to eat on the train.

Yes! They even have tables for you, like the airplane!

Not suitable in SG because I foresee PRC/uncles/aunties/inconsiderate people leaving their junk behind. :(

Arrived. :)

Exited immediately and headed Daimaru!!

Wa, so long since I last saw Daimaru. Seiyu also! :(

Last time, when Nian and I were in secondary school, all the Ah Lians carry Sonia Rykiel bags one ok!

Nian and I found this awesome little place which makes cute little kitties pancakes

I want!!!

Nian bought 10 pieces for me, and the very nice lady gave me 2 extra!!
We chose Chocolate, custard cream and normal cream out of  the other 3 flavours.

Must drink this in Japan!! Very nice laaaaaaa~~~~~

Bought Soy Sauce flavoured Kit Kat. NICE!!!

Left after a whole round of food shopping, and headed to Palette Town.

Eating kitties on the bus. :D


Nicer version of the Pocky one I think!


Palette Town's famous ferris wheel. Super long Q downstairs lor, despite the rain!

Lousy picture cuz it was raining, and I didn't want my camera to get wet. (Notice how many times I repeated the word "raining"?)

Hate raining. The only time I like it is when I'm going to sleep.

Toyota Showroom. Wonder if people will still wanna buy Toyota these days. Or even Lexus.

Got into Palette Town and was confused for a while!

I thought it was raining? O.O

Turns out, it's actually just ceiling lights, smart right!

Reminds me of Harry Potter actually...

My excuse of getting a new pair of boots. ;p


So much nicer in real life lor. And cheap also! $60 for a pair!

Continued roaming and went into the train station.

Notice the minimum price you have to pay is 180 Yen. That's about $2 I think.

Wandered into the Toyota Showroom to take a look. They have tracks for car testing! :O

Cars on display

Doesn't this reminds you of Herbie: Fully Loaded??!

Got totally nothing left for us to walk oready so we walked back to the bus.


Headed for some Shabu-Shabu, the Japanese steamboat :D

Beautiful pork rings

Soya Sauce and sesame sauce. The sesame sauce was hand-ground into sauce!

Very yummy. :D

Greens. Nomnom.

Cannot wait to finish them all! We have a plate of the pork EACH.


Yay yay! Boil boil!!

Super shiok to be drinking steaming hot soup when the temperature is sub-zero outside you know? :D

Totally warms the tummy. *bliss*

Awesome single-serving of egg noodles.

You know it's damn good and popular when s
ome customers tried to get a 2nd serving, but were all rejected!

Headed back to the hotel after the wholesome dinner, and Nian and I went out on our own to grocery shop.

Went to their Family Mart just nearby our hotel.

Saw fun-sized Red Bull!! Super cutesy!!

Looking at these Red Bull cans always remind me of the fun times I had while I was working for them. :)

Hello Kitty facial foam!

Didn't buy it though, not sure if it'll wreck havoc to my skin or what. But looks super cute can!

Dunno what is Milk Seafood, just thought it was interesting!

All of the desserts look super yummy.


Bought all the barang barang into the room...

Sleeping on beds this time!

Lined everything up to take pictures. Most of them are food, except for some moisturizer which got thrown away at the Immigrations cuz it exceeded 100ml (FML, I had dry skin all the way back), Lavender bubble bath (which is not as good as the Lush one Daph got for me the last time), some hair tools....

And a Japanese porn magazine.

Whaaaaat? Just buy and see la! Not that we get to go Japan all the time, and since Japanese are well known for all of their weird sexual antics, just buy and be an eye-opener la!

Honestly, it's really nothing much. Just a whole lot of naked girls.

Some quite pretty though!! It's like if you were to see them on the streets, you'd never imagine them to be an AV girl.

Ok don't say already, the more I say, the more defensive I sound. ;p

Want to borrow, just PM me! Heehee!

To soothe some of your horrified expressions, I'm gonna end off this entry with a serene picture of a bathtub.

Think peaceful water flowing.

Ok bye!!!

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