私は夫とー緒に日本への旅~!Part I! Tokyo 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010


After a lengthy terrible Japanese paragraph, I guess it is of no surprises where we went for our Valentine's Day. JAPAN!

We were very lucky to have gotten our tickets cheap, $1600 per pax for the SQ A380!! Max comfort and we had so much leg space we could play soccer I tell you. :D

We took tonnnesss of pictures, just Day 1 alone I have successfully reached 90! (91 to be exact). Haha!


We had this wrap thingy for supper, and it was yummy! I think one is Turkey cheese, I don't know what is the other one. Super sleepy by then lor! We took the 11.30PM flight so... urgh. Groggy max.

Caught Law Abiding Citizen on the in flight entertainment. I like how smart Gerard Butler was in the movie, how he planned every single move, simply tactical! It sucks to have him die in the end. :(

Watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball as well, hahaha! Funny show with loads of crazy inventions and what not. I like the Jello castle the best! :D

Fell asleep after supper + snatching Nian's pillow and blanket unknowingly....

Woke up to breakfast!!! :D It was so-so, really. I was expecting a bit more out of the scrambled eggs but it was too mushy, sausage was too salty... but yaddaya expect from airplane food right? :(

In my ultra unglam specs because I cannot sleep in contact lenses, and the air was too dry for comfort.

Finally landed!! It was already freezing in the airport. Imagine outside temperature was -5 degree celsius! Too bad Tokyo just snowed 2 days before we arrived, otherwise it would be awesome!

Ultra gigantic bigass plane.

We were on our way to the bus when I tried to capture the "smoke" coming out from Nian's mouth. Hahaha! Turns out, he looks like he's gonna eat the building or something. ;p

Cigarette vending machine!

On the bus to our first destination of the day!!

Pictures along the way. Everything's so cool it's blue.

Paying toll on the expressway.

Nian's drinking/washing hands with water from this mini fountain. Apparently, the Japanese believe that drinking the water from this fountain will bring good luck and good health.

Me turn!! :D

There's this station outside the temple for people to check their luck. Just drop in 100 Yen (S$1.60) and then help yourself to the bottle!

If you've gotten a not-so-good lot, all you need to do is to tie them on one of the stands and leave the bad luck there. That was what we did! :)

Proceeded on to the back streets to window shop.

A quieter area along Asakusa.

Anpan Man!!! :D :D

I don't know what is this called but it's freaking expensive at 1000 Yen for 6! 1000Y is equivalent to about SG$12 so that works out to about $2 each.

Expensive, but delicious!

"You want some?"

Super crowded cuz it's a weekend.

Yes! We will globetrot the world together, hand in hand! <3 <3

Left Asakusa just like that, and we moved on to Ginza

Uncool is cool lol

After this shot, the traffic police closed off the entire stretch of road for shoppers! Then you start to see shops lining up tables and chairs in the middle of the road for shoppers to sit/chill/relax/drink coffee.

In the middle of the freaking road wtf.

My first time into A&F. 7 storeys high!

Damn hip because they were playing house/trance at max level, and the stores assistants were all damn chio/handsome! (Ok not all, but most) Some of them were even friggin showing their sexy oblisques. It's so sexy I don't know how to spell FML.

Anyways, no photos of them because my bf shall supercede them no matter how cute/fit/awesome they are. :P

Went into Burberry Blue Label in hope of getting myself a new purse/bag/whatever I can think of, but didn't see anything I fancy.

Ended up in their toilets instead.

The thing about Jap toilets are that, they are all fitted with the backside washing jet device. ALL. For my entire 5 days in Tokyo, never was there once I don't see one that could wash my backside without me lifting my butt at all.

And clearly, I was utterly impressed. I spent good whole 5 minutes pressing each and every button to see what it does to my butt, geez! ;p

Not paiseh, take picture some more after playing with the toilet bowl.

After that, Nian and I went on a slightly mad food-spree.

Innocent looking siew mai that will send your taste buds to explosion when you put them inside your mouth. It's unimaginable!!

You should see how wide our eyes were when we tasted this awesome cutie pie.

Pork has never tasted this good.

Bought this box of awesome goodness waffles squashed whipped cream and fruits (notice I'm talking gibberish?!) for 1000 Yen. ULTRA SUPERBLY DELICIOUS I TELL YOU!!

Tamagoyaki. :D

Sushi. Looks damn simple but simply delish!!

Passed by Tokyo Tower on our way to the next destination toooooo.

Reached our next destination :D

There's an Observatory up on the 45th storey of the Government building, and we're going right up there to have a bird's eye view of Tokyo~~

Going up via the North entrance

Vertical Marathon, anyone? ;p

Got up there! Pictures do no justice to the panorama view we saw man.

Japan sells a lot of this chibibi or bichichi thingy. I think it looks creepy.

And of course, a lot of HARU-KITEHYI. It's Hello Kitty but that's how it sounds like in Japanese lor.

There's like easily 457235 different designs in one place. 525 Yen each would mean it's about $6! If only it's $0.80 each, I'd have swiped everything out. :(

More vending machines.... After that, we left abruptly to the, what, 4th destination of the day?

Rushed to Shinjuku Subnade next for the underground shopping center!

This place is amazing, I swear. It has so many entrances and exits, if you don't remember your exit number you'd probably exit somewhere else you never knew it existed!

Almost like the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland, if you get what I mean.

Every exit we emerged, Nian and I just went, WA SEH! One of the exits brought us to Isetan, and we saw hugeass strawberries!!!

Btw, it's strawberry season now in Japan so good time to get some fresh ones to munch!

That being said, strawberries are mad expensive now, so we settled for Fuji Apples instead.

Oh. $8 for one ok. Not funny. O.O

What we saw after we exited one of the rabbit holes.


Took a 2 hour drive, leaving Tokyo for Lake Kawaguchi.

 We spent the night along Lake Kawaguchi. It was awesome because it is much much colder than the city, and so the chances of seeing snow was even higher!

Ok, this is snow but we were hoping to see it snowing. Apparently, we missed it again!

Checked into our room before dinner is served. Tatami style room!! There's also public hot spring pools for both men and women, but that would require us to be separated and be totally naked.

We gave that a miss because they didn't have private pools.... and I am not very keen showing my naked body to other ladies. :S

Damn shiok to be sitting down there and drink green tea! By the way, our room faces the lake, so the view is just AWESOME. :D

Ordered this monstrous seafood sashimi set that costs us freaking $200, but all was forgotten when we took the first bite.


Scallops. YUM.

And an array of shrimps, octopus, salmon, sea urchin (LOVES), swordfish, tuna yada yada yada...

The set that came along with the monstrous ship-sashimi.

Best tasting Chanwamushi EVER. EVER. EVER.

See those little crab flakes floating on top of the stock? OHMYGOD.

Jellyfish and nikogon

MORE sashimi

Ebi tempura. Oooooosh. GOOD, is an understatement.

Intricate little egg jar that stores something... which I don't know what.

Any idea? It tastes a little sourish and crunchy. Very appetizing!

Powdered green tea mixed with sea salt. MUST GO with tempura. (!!!)

Teriyaki Chicken.

Notice that each and every dish is cooked in a different way?

Sashimi - Raw
Chanwamushi - Steamed
Tempura - Deep Fried
Teriyaki Chicken - Grilled

It's pretty typical of a Japanese meal to be this way because Japanese are more often than not more concerned with the way food is being handled, as compared to what the ingredient is.

Of course, ingredients are important as well but what I'm trying to say is that Japanese usually would have an array of food cooked in a different variety.

After dinner, we headed out to check out the area, and also wait for a fireworks show to start.

We were really lucky, the fireworks show usually only happens like once every quarter or something, but because it was Valentines' Day, there was a fireworks show arranged on the very night we reached!

So while waiting, we played like kids. ;)

Caught him in the camera making snowballs for some snowball fights!

Got bored and cold after a while, so headed back in to look-see when we found this old gem!

Can you imagine!?!? I freakin had a smaller set when I was like 5 years old!! This set is easily 20 years old WTF!

Super gleeful with the find, and we ended up playing against one another.

No need to guess what game we were playing, it HAS to be Super Mario!

And yes, I was still having my ear muffs on because it was too cold outside. I feel like my ears were dropping off.

We were playing halfway when we heard the exploding sounds of the fireworks. Totally ignored Mario and both of us ran out to watch the fireworks!

It was superb.
Valentines Day can never get any better than this, with the two of us hugging each other in the cold, freezing air along the lake, looking up at the magnificent fireworks showering on us.

For that moment, I felt so blissful I was just so glad he was where he should be. Right by my side. :)

So. This marks the end of my Day 1!

Nian, thanks for being such a gem.
For every little thing you've done for me, I am really grateful you belong to me and no one else.
I hope you love whatever I've made for you, and had a memorable Valentines' Day!

Love you, 101%. :)

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