Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

This was last year....

Last year, Nian scaled the 73 storeys of Swissotel The Stamford alone, but this year... We did it together!

Yes, I somehow "found" the courage to take on the race, despite the lack of training. I was only aiming for a 20-minute timing, and I kept telling myself I was just "there to sightsee, but the lift broke down so I had to take the stairs instead." LOL. Nian is amused at how I can come up with a story to make myself take on 1,336 steps up 73 storeys. 

I decide to put in more pictures in this entry, even though I know there are still people who are obsessed with me (like to the scrutiny of my nose and mouth - ohgosh, that's scary) and how I look, but I've decided to take the chill pill. It's an event worthy to be celebrated and remembered with pictures! 

Wendy's wedding will be a locked post anyway so I guess this scrutiny from weird shits will be short lived. Or so I hope. =) Enough said! Pictures time!

The goodies bag for this year. Not too bad!

Freshly painted nails, not for the race, but for Wendy's love-themed wedding. :D

Love and I before the race. =)

This is one of the amazing pictures you can take with your LX3 if you're good with your Program mode. :P

At the ending point. Honestly, my calves were aching like hell then, and I was feeling super giddy!

Ventilation wasn't too good towards the 50th floor and above, and that made me black-out once, and then pant like crazy. Weirdly, everybody tells me it's normal. No wonder I see so many contestants sit out at the end. =(

Awesome view :D

Yay! Now I have my own medal too!
We unabashedly blocked up the entire walkway to take this picture. :P Thanks Daph! :D

We were actually biting our medals but urm... forgot to turn on the flash. :P

Here's a nice one! :D

We headed to MOS Burger for brunch after the race while waiting for our results, and they were selling these cutie handphone charms! Daphne got herself the socks one, and she got me the X'mas tree. <3 Superrrr cute!

Now, I need to get back to massage my aching calves. Owwwww.

NianMen's 20-2909:417th (on par with 6th!) out of 192 runners
JacWomen's 20-2924:0676th (HAHAHA!) out of 90 runners

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