Our first anniversary :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reading XY's post on Kevin's birthday suddenly made me realize that for our case, if everything goes well, it would technically be our first and last anniversary celebrating as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Betcha guys haven't noticed we're planning our ROM exactly on our anniversary next year! :)

Anyways, I actually should be doing on my homework for lessons tomorrow, but I'm contemplating because I'm kinda missing the boyf quite a bit. -___- I know, I'm sucha whiner. It has only been Day 2 and I'm still going on and on about how he's not around and bla bla bla. Honestly, despite travelling so much over this past year, this is the only time he's away for 2 weeks! The longest was a 10-day field camp, and hey. That was in SG. We could at least boil those telephone-porridge!

Okkkkk. I'm seriously whining too much. Gotta give myself a break, like come'on. Today didn't past too badly! And there are only twelve more days to go! The classmates and I went down to the High Court to listen to the Diong Tiong Ngo's attempted murder case. Honestly, he didn't look as depressed/crazy/strong when we saw him in court. He's just like a regular old man who sits at kopitiam, talking about nothing important.

To think he strangled his mistress, ran after her with a chopper and hurled himself at her and her son... AND THEN throw that poor woman down 3 stories. I mean.. the woman probably deserve this (since she's a mistress), but walaoeh. Isn't that a bit too much...? I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse, cuz the woman is alive, after multiple surgeries and injuries along the spine and everywhere else.

The rest of the day was spent silently cursing at my damn Media Relations lecturer who by the way calls Alonso as Alondo, Beyonce as Bee-yonce, my classmate Nurul Ain as Nurul-Lian -____- and of course, how can she NOT mispronounce my name to sound like Jah-Kua-Lyn.

Hello, Alondo.

Fucking flabby piece of shit.

Moving on, I'm covering our anniversary day today. We didn't eat fancy food, didn't spend romantic time together watching sunset/stars/sun rise/dolphins.. Instead, we spent it on running errands, meeting the people we love (Lava & Yusoff!) and soccer. But STILL, it was just amazing. =)

He got me flowers! A happy mix of gerbera and red roses... All my favourite flowers. =)

I'm now wondering how to go about preserving the flowers. While Lava suggested I could dry them and then place the petals into a container or something, I was wondering if it's possible to preserve them totally, so that I could frame them up in box frames?


Something like the above.

Any ideas, anyone?

Nian was really, really secretive about all these little surprises. I was amazed he could find time to buy flowers (ok, that could be done online, I know!), buy the Nike bag I had been eyeing since forever and make me a card.


I couldn't stop thanking him. My gosh! Imagine those effort in running up and down everywhere, left right up down center.. And to add on the trouble, we don't ride a bike anymore so.. yeah. I think he spends the rest of his free time while I was busy getting all these things done.

Lunch at PSA club was spectacular too. Haven't tried their chicken chop before, but I swear I'd be eating this more often from now on. :P


We headed to AMK Hub's Mos Burger for a quick dinner cuz Man Utd's game was screening at 10PM!! Super shiok, having soccer on our birthdays and anniversary. ALL WIN some more!!

I couldn't bear to put the flowers down. Too beautiful! :D

The World's Most Marvellous Boyfriend.

HAHAHAHA and we always do stupid things like this. :P

Very cute Tom and Jerry T-shirt from FOX. :D


Everyone busy eating, I'm busy snapping. Ha!

And here's my card. =) I actually kinda teared...... I know! I'm a wuss!

You guys should read the poem. It's bleedy cute. =D

And this last part....

Me: "Eh? We're married meh!?"
Him: "Aiya going to get married ma! If you accept this card, then I no need to propose liao! :D"
Me: "Wa! You cheat me of my proposal again!!"

And I flipped back... I saw this:

It may not look very fantastic, but using light stick, soaking tissue paper and stuffing it into straws so that the whole thing lights up has to be one of the most creative ideas I've seen in a long while.

Ok back to the homework now. Yawns.

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