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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I’m sure everyone knows that I had a smashing birthday this year, not only because I get to spend it with Nian, chilli crabs, Lava and Yusoff and loads of cupcakes and birthday cakes, but also, ClubCouture has offered me amazing sponsorship at the right time too!
Thanks to ClubCouture, I have been having pretty clothes to wear almost every day, from work, to tuition and of course, for my wonderful birthday!

ClubCouture, unlike blogshops, is an international label with their main markets targeting US, UK and Australia. Their Singapore site is recently launched in April 2009 and has ever since rapidly expanding in the Singapore online fashion scene, targetting at young people (like ME hahaha!) from 17 to 35 years old.

My pretty box came in via registered mail merely a few days after I submitted my choices to the ClubCouture team! Upon receiving my items, I cannot help but to be impressed: ClubCouture has its packaging done extremely well. If delivering in a box is not enough, each item is separately packed in crispy new tracing paper. :D

Exclusively for me! Although I'll technically only be Chen after next September 26. :P

Spot something apart from my b-e-a-utiful clothes? :D

It's an ongoing promotion from the good people of ClubCouture! All you need to do is simple: Choose your favourite piece! ClubCouture will top it off with a pretty earring with every purchase. It's a crime to have pretty clothes without pretty accessories!

Absolutely chic isn't it? =D I love it to bits!

Each piece of item has ClubCouture's label on it to guarantee high quality and perfection. They have also included washing instructions so as to maintain each piece of clothings to its very best results!

Ok, now here's the AWESOME part: Me in the clothes!!! Heeheehee

This is the Sadie Dress with belt that I've chosen, regular price at $49, it's now selling at $29.90! You just so need to grab this I swear. The gold zip is loveeeee. <3

This is the Strapless Obi Dress that I fell in love at first sight! Unfortunately, fastest fingers first. This dress is sold out already! =( ClubCouture manufactures each style and design in very limited quantities to maintain uniqueness and exclusivity. You wouldn't want to see 1000 people wearing the same thing while walking in town, right? :P

This is the Lilly's Play Dress, retailing at $29.90 now. Wearing this on me totally undermines the cuteness of the dress! Should remind Chunhow to take my picture upwards, not downwards! Then I won't look so short. -____-

Check out the cutie star prints!

All in all, I like ClubCouture's clothings because they provide high quality clothes - no more fraying threads, thin see-through materials, or clothes that threaten to leak colour every time we wash them. At least, I feel safe wearing them!

Imagine me wearing something that leaks colour, and get caught in the rain. Ohmygosh.

SO! Interested in getting your own beautiful wears from ClubCouture?

Look no further! All readers will be entitled to a 15% storewide discount! Just key in the discount code: JACQ15 (all in caps please!) Yeah. It's that simple. =)


Join ClubCouture's Fashion Flash to be kept in the loop of their exciting updates! Apart from that, you get to have backstage passes to exclusive private sales, fashion tips AND surprises! :D

Don't we all just LOVEEEE surprises?

Just 2 steps away to a free surprise gift and loads of amazing deals! Click on the sidebar to start shopping!

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