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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I think about slightly coming to 2 months ago, I received a mail from Elfaine that I was one of the selected bloggers to receive a Acnes Medicated Skincare Range and *eh-hem* I was really, really excited.

I know, it's not as though it's my first time getting goodies and then asked to blog about it but I always think that if people look for other people for comments/feedback/editorials, they have to be good!

Would you write a sucky essay and then attempt to ask for comments?

So anyways, I headed down to Fr3b's Concept Store at Stamford House and I was amazed by the goodies hidden behind the blue curtains. You see, you won't be able to enter the goodies area if you're not a member. Putting that aside, I gave Elfaine one of the biggest hug since I haven't seen her for ages, and then demanded the Acnes goodies bag.

Yes I'm demanding like that.

Elfaine then walked over to a carton box, and just as I was pretending I wasn't looking and I'm so-not-excited with yet another goodies for me to try, she whipped out a white plastic bag.

Something like this.
And in it, were these:

Sorry, but I think my expectation of a goodies bag was a bit too high I suppose.

I was disappointed! :( The first thing I whipped out from the plastic bag was the notebook, and I honestly thought it was some English Revision book or something. Look at the title! It says "Upper Secondary Vocabulary Guide and Practice". But it was just a plain, lined notebook.

Which I'm pretty thankful for. What am I supposed to do if it were a real Upper Sec guide book!? At least I could scribble stuff in that notebook... maybe.

There's another CD inside by some artistes supposedly from Singapore. I have zilch idea who they are, and didn't bother to listen to the CD. Sorry!

Finally, when I took out the Acnes Face Wash, I was glad. At least we have something good in that puny plastic bag! :D

This is a classic example of having quality beats having quantity.

A small amount of the Acnes Face Wash was sufficient to clean my entire face, and I like the minty feeling it has to go along with it. It was kinda painful when I rubbed it over my pimples (blame the monthly Auntie), but it's rather bearable for me.

Oil control wise, it controls oil secretion very well, it past my expectations! I don't usually have oily face, but during the PMS period, my face tends to get greasy easily. Using the Face Wash controlled my oil secretion such that my T-zone (forehead especially) was still smooth after the entire day out.

Will I buy the face wash after I'm done with this? Yes. And I'm gonna get it at Watson's with my Watson's card meeheehee!

Not feeling enough with whatever I have, I went into the concept store and emerged a very, very happy girl.

And even stuff for Nian!

He loved all of the stuff I had grabbed for him, and he's getting the full size of the Hex hair gel after this sample runs out. =D It's funny how he gets fascinated with samples as well, haha!

If you like to sample things before you actually get them, but yet want to save on postage, you honestly have to sign up and be a member of Fr3b Concept Store. With $28, you get to have a goodies bag filled with many exciting items (I took mine and mixed it with my samples, so I couldn't remember which were the goodies bag items!) and get to pick up as much as 8 items each time you head to the store for one full year!

Very good dating place to go, I say. You get to experiment all the interesting stuff, and your boyfriend didn't need to bleed his wallet out. =D
And that now you've read this fabulous entry, you guys would be perfectly AWESOME to the core if you were to vote for me. I'd get to win a one-year supply of Acnes Medicated Skincare products (minus the weird CDs and notebook). And that I'm so poor I had to flame someone to get back my $180, this will be quite a fantastic X'mas gift anyone can give me. :D

Just click la ok! Very easy one! :P

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