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Monday, June 22, 2009

As mentioned earlier, the good people of Orinity.com has sponsored me a pretty tin of Hollywood Fashion Tape for my trials and reviews, and so here it is! :D
Basically, Hollywood Fashion Tape acts like a double-sided tape, except that it is nicely cut into tiny strips, you can save the hassle of taking out your double-sided tape should you experience a wardrobe malfunction.

Besides, double-sided tapes are too sticky to be used on fabrics. This is of course tested and tried by yours truly. And so the story goes..

It all happened when I was probably about 15 or so, and I've always thought I was pretty much on the chubby side, I went into OP and bought myself a dress in L size without even trying.

Turns out, as all of you could have guessed, the dress ended up too huge for me and it threatened to slide down my chest every time I start walking! Wanting to keep my dress up (obviously, uh-huh), I had to resort to double-sided tapes because Hollywood Fashion Tapes were not in trend then.

So what happened?

The double-sided tape stuck onto my dress more firmly than it did on my skin. The dress continued slipping, but I couldn't remove the irritating double-sided tapes on the insides of my dress. Urgh. And I just ruined a pretty dress like that!


I tried the Hollywood Fashion Tape on some low cut dresses, and what I like about it is that the stickiness is nice enough to not let the dress "open" when I bend down to pick my things! Great, now I don't need to use my left hand to cover my boobs while I pick things up!

To test that the Hollywood Fashion Tape truly does work well, I tugged on the dress to see if it will actually detach off from either my skin or my dress. But nope, it was attached nice and firm. I had to "peel" my fabric off the tape before it will come off, and it is actually still sticky after several times of readjustments.

One thing I won't recommend though, is to use it on furry materials or cotton that have started to fur. As it is rather sticky, I am pretty sure the tape will stick all the furrings, and it might not be as sticky. Besides, who would wear a top that has already started to fur, out?!


The size of the tin is really small and therefore very handy. I can just slip it into any of my bags and head on out to save the day for wardrobe malfunctioning people (the job of a Supergirl, hahaha!). And, did I mention I really love the pink colour of the tin? :D


Each tin contains 36 strips, with each strip being 3" long. You can actually cut and use a shorter length if desired but I don't think there is a need to do so. A 3" tape is just nice for securing a plunging neckline. :)


There are quite a number of stuff you can actually do with Hollywood Fashion Tape, so I'm just gonna name a few examples:

1) Droopy Bra Straps (you can use it to hide your obvious bra straps as well)

2) Bursting clothes, or gapping between button down clothes (very common for well-endowed girls!)

3) Securing bikinis

Well, apparently she forgot her Hollywood Fashion Tape
4) Securing plunging necklines

Amanda Holden of Britain's Got Talent has forgot her Hollywood Fashion Tape too.

5) Stick on body jewels!


$11.90 per box at Orinity.com.

For more information, please feel free to visit the website. =)

Will I continue to use Hollywood Fashion Tapes again, yes I will. I think 36 strips can last me for quite a good while so I think it's really rather affordable. I mean, what's $11.90 to having your *whatever* being seen by others when you don't want them to be seen?

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