Unit Selection

Friday, May 29, 2009

After waiting for yet another month, it was finally our turn. We selected our desired, first choice flat! Someone selected our second choice, which had us almost going into stroke (heart-attack first). We were so scared that our first choice flat would have been taken up by the time it's our turn. Afterall, we are not exactly right in front of the queue. But thank goodness! =)

We were also given the option whether to tile our house or not, with an additional $4,800 payable by our CPF. We thought, why not? It would definitely cost much more to tile our house if we subscribe a contractor to do it for us.. and definitely not payable with CPF. :P

This option also comes with doors as well, which we took it too. We paid $2,000 CASH to secure our flat then. Immediately broke.

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  1. Hi there can advise on how to choose the right unit?

    1. Hello! Choosing a flat largely depends on some of the following factors:

      1. Level: Most people prefer higher floors because it is less noisy, less dusty and more windy. Some also believe that you can avoid creepy crawlies flying into your flat but I think unless you're more than 20 storeys high, you can't exactly avoid that. I live quite a substantially high floor but I get beetles, flying ants and cockroaches as well fml.

      2. Sun direction: Best is to have your windows avoid the west sun, which can be quite hot. If you believe in fengshui, I *think* (I'm not very sure on this) the best is to have your door face the North or something lol.

      3. Accessiblity to amenities: Nowadays new flats have certain blocks where they have coffeeshop below their block. Some people will choose those blocks because it is convenient for them to buy things. However, it can also be quite noisy at night lah I think.

      Some will choose flats nearer to the multi-storey carpark if they drive, since they usually have a sheltered linkway to the block nearest to it - this can be quite convenient if it rains.

      Some... will choose flats nearer to the bus stop if they don't drive. So it depends on what are your needs and requirements.

      Yah! I think that's about it! Hope this helps! :)


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