Dreaming of our desired unit

Monday, March 02, 2009

Submitted our application form, still feeling very, very excited about the flat because we can't wait for the application to end so that we will know our queue number! I've also lamented in my previous post that I cannot imagine myself to be excited for 36 months... but I did.

Well, I guess I was just excited about different things at different phases. Then, I was excited about our queue number. When the queue number was revealed, I was excited about choosing our flat. After choosing our flat, I was excited about the building process. And now, when it's almost done, I'm excited about the renovation. LOL.

So at that point of time, both Nian and I are hoping to get the following units:

Which we did, because of the beautiful queue number we got. We also got a rather high floor too, which is good because I hope that'd keep yucky flying bugs out.

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