KL-Genting Trip with Babylove

Thursday, December 11, 2008

So I'm back!

I spent my weekend over in Malaysia, KL and Genting and I had quite a bit of fun over there! :D

Instead of taking the usual buses into M'sia, Nian and I decided on flying in instead because it takes only 40 minutes to reach KL! Fast and efficient, and the charges aren't much different from the bus tickets in. :D (And er.. to avoid the dangerous JB as well)

General information of how to travel from KLIA-LCCT:

Just outside LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) there are several buses that actually shuttles to and fro the airport and KL Sentral (it's a LRT and monorail station) at relatively cheap fare.

The cheapest we found was Aerobus, with RM8 for a one-way ticket, or a RM14 for a two-way ticket. We bought a two-way one since we'd be using the bus to get back to the airport when we depart anyway.

The journey takes about an hour or slightly lesser. At KL Sentral, head on to the monorail and buy a one-time ticket. You can choose to go KLCC if you want to head to the Twin Towers, or alternatively to Imbi Station, where Berjaya Center, Times Square are.

There's a stop at Bukit Bintang as well, with the Sungei Wang, Bukit Bintang Shopping Center, Lot 10, The Pavilion are.

We spent 2 nights in Melia Hotel. Location wise is very good because we were right opposite Times Square so it's really easy to navigate around. We have the Low Yat Plaza just behind our hotel so it's good when we just want to loiter around aimlessly. :D

I had placed bookings for the deluxe room for RM535, but when we were there, they ran out of deluxe rooms and we were given a FREE upgrade to their best rooms (which I certainly don't think so- where were the suites yo!?!?!). The room was big, spacious and bright with a really really really x 10 comfortable bed, a toilet with bath tub (!).
Bukit Bintang (a general name for the area where a lot of shopping centers could be found, it's something like our Orchard Road) is really near to our hotel, so we took a small stroll over to the shopping centers.

Didn't get anything much because fashion wise it seems that it's about 5 seasons behind Singapore's and most of them are for youngsters. The bus captain whom we met driving the Aerobus told us that there are good food on the 4th floor of Sungei Wang Shopping Center.

We didn't try it out though, we didn't have enough time to try everything so we decided to try on stuff that was highly raved instead.

Nearest monorail: Bukit Bintang Station

Everyone would tell you once you're in KL, you HAVE to have a meal at Jalan Alor. It's their food street and I agree!

It's something like an enlarged version of.... probably Chomp Chomp or something and they sell all sorts of food, pirated DVDs and the likes of it.. it reminds me of Khao San in Bangkok!

We ordered some really Singaporean stuff, I mean... there isn't much difference. Honestly. Except for the stingray (aka Ikan Bakar, if you need to speak in Malay), I initally thought it would be somewhat the same like what we have here, but not. They don't actually put sambal chilli on top of the stingray, but it was served plain.

It tastes so much nicer than what we have here I swear. The meat was sooooo succulent!

The bill came up to about RM58, which is about SGD$20 or so? Cheap like anything!

Jalan Alor isn't an easy place to find, honestly. We walked around aimlessly at Bukit Bintang trying to look for this Jalan Alor for about 30 over minutes, asking 10 over people with only half of them knew where we were looking for. -.-

If you're looking for this street at Bukit Bintang, look out for this Maybank just slightly after Sungei Wang. Turn left after you have Maybank on your left, and continue down the street. There will be a super huge KFC at a junction. Don't give up after walking a while and not seeing it, that bloody KFC is really not very visible and we missed it a couple of times until we opened our eyes big big!

Jalan Alor is right beside the bloody KFC. :D

We ended our Day 1 by buying loads and loads of tidbits and drinks and we walked back to our hotel, watched TV until we fell asleep. LOL. I had intended to chill at Hard Rock Cafe..... but we were kinda tired at like 10PM after our dinner. Sigh, where's the stamina!?!?

We rose up bright and early, and wanted to go for the free breakfast at our hotel initially, only to have a super long queue at the entrance of the cafe we decided to treat ourselves to some nicer breakfast at KLCC instead.

We're going to the Twin Towers!

How to get there:

From Imbi, we took a monorail to Bukit Nanas so that we could change over to the LRT. The LRT station right beside Bukit Nanas is known as Dang Wangi (the Kelana Jaya Line). Take the LRT and it will go straight to KLCC. When you alight, you would be at the basement of KLCC Suria.
So after about 20 minutes of travelling, we were there and we had A&W for breakfast!

This was where I went slightly crazy at shopping too. I busted about RM150 on La Senza panties and bras and I thought it was cheap because it came up to about SGD60-ish only!

Very expensive toilets.. and we caught Twilight there!!!

This movie is AWESOME I tell you!! I can't believe we only spent RM22 for the both of us for such a fantastic show!! (That's like probably SGD8, equivalent to one UOB ticket in Singapore!) We had like caramel popcorns and super huge cups of drinks and all it came up to, was only SGD10 worth of stuff.

It feels damnnnnn good I tell you. :D

And oh, I would highly recommend you guys to read the book before watching the movie, Alice is really gorgeous! On the other hand, Rosalie wasn't as pretty as I had imagined. Jasper looked like Edward Scissorshand! ROFL!!

The one on the left is Rosalie, the shorter one with brunette is Alice. Far back is Jasper (doesn't he look like Edward Scissorshand!?!?) and the one on the right is Emmette.

Carlise Cullen looked much older than 23 though.

Another thing I like about being in Malaysia. BUBBLEGUMS. :P

We visited KLCC Aquaria! Absolutely tourist thing to do, no? We paid RM38 per pax and I thought it was pretty worth it. Nian took like thousandsss of pictures and I had to totally stop him before he busts our 2GB memory card! :P

Ok, I don't understand why there were lizards and spideys and all in an Aquarium...... like honestly. LOL. But those fishes were nice! Especially the piranahs. We don't have those man-eating fishes in Singapore's underwater world!

Which might be a good thing. We can't have another fella who wants to kill himself jump into a piranah infested pond, can we?

I love my X'mas present from Nian heeheehee. A very pleasant surprise!

Day 2's dinner was at Petaling Street.

To get there:
LRT to Pasar Seni, once out of the control, walk straight down the escalator and turn right into a street. That's Petaling!

Being very silly to bring out only a few hundred ringgits, and busted half of it on my La Senza, we were very much left with probably only RM50 for dinner.. and you can't really eat very much with RM50, considering it's only about SGD20....

But we managed it! We had claypot chicken rice and some sambal mixed seafood, with 2 coconuts and it came up to RM50 just nice! The claypot chicken rice was really fabulous I swear, it was made from scratch with charcoal fire..

Sooooooo niceeeeeee!!

Having no money left, we had to walk back to our hotel. LOL! It wasn't very far given that Nian is such an unbelivably good navigator I'm surprised he's in medic. He could have easily been a good reccee or something!

So..... we went back and binged some more on our remaining tidbits and some cakes that I had a sudden craving for, before drifting into slumberland. :D

We woke up even earlier than the previous day just so that we could make it to the hotel's breakfast before the queue goes unbelivably long again and it was worth it!

The buffet spread was relatively good, with roti prata (they call it roti chenai), some vegetable dahl and all sorts of yummy food! I love the nasi lemak, even though the anchovies were a little too hard for my liking. We checked out of the hotel, and started our journey up the magic mountain! (Ok, Genting.)

How to get to Genting:

There are many ways of getting to Genting, so I'm giving you guys some alternatives:

1) Hail a cab from anywhere, sometimes hotels they get a cab for you as well. Drives you right up to Genting, any part you want, at RM80. Maximum 4 person. Very useful if you're travelling in a group of 4. :D

Time taken to travel: 40 minutes to an hour

From KL Sentral, there's a Genting Express Bus Service. It goes all the way to the Skyway Lower Station, and then from there you will change a cable car up to Genting. Express bus service runs on hourly schedule from as early as 0800hrs to 1900hrs. RM6.80, including the cable car tickets.

Time taken to travel: 2 hours

3) Take a monorail to Titiwangsa Station, keep your eyes open for private cars for hire to go up to Genting straight. These people drive their personal cars, and you just need to share the car with another person (they are usually willing to travel with 3 persons, and there are many many many people who are going up Genting there). It's RM20 per pax, so it's useful if you're gonna travel as a couple because by using (1), you will end up paying more (unless of course you manage to grab someone off the street to share.... which can be rather hard.)
Time taken to travel: 40 minutes to an hour

We used method #3. It wasn't too difficult as well since both of us could speak a reasonable amount of Malay and so we managed to communicate with the people there rather easily.. and we found one of the many drivers in no time. :D

First meal up in Genting, Kenny Rogers. I think I can make better mac and cheese. Seriously. The food is nowhere nice! :(

If we were given additional money to spend, I won't want to spend it in First World Hotel the next time. The check in time was so long, it was crazy! Imagine us waiting for freaking 3 hours to check into a room....

And the suayest thing was that while I was looking at the lifts, I was telling Nian we better not get the 13th floor because I don't think I'd be feeling very safe to stay on 13th floor in a rumoured-haunted hotel.

Guess what?

We got the 13th floor! Want to how zhun, you tell me.

And then while walking towards the room, I was telling Nian again, "Hopefully we don't get a corner room, hor? Like.. those room right at the end one..."

And we did. We had the last room on the floor. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

We headed to the Casino immediately and we won RM350. Feeling very kiasu, I told Nian not to play anymore and we scooted out of the Casino, and into Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

We grabbed some dinner at Pizza Hut and then we couldn't resist the temptation of the damn Casino again, and so we went back. We lost our RM350, and an additional RM700 or so. So... we lost about SGD$400.

I was so upset!! :(

I think I shouldn't gamble anymore in the future. You can never win the Casino, damn!! >: (

We ended Day 3 night by having me crying and tearing over my loss because I could have gotten another T&Co. or something. Sighhhh!

We took a cab down from Genting because I was so tired from that stupid Magic Mountain, and I couldn't wait to go home!

Thank goodness for this little girl who entertained us the entire way to the airport.. the trip can be pretty long and monotonous yo.

That being said, I want to complain!

I'd never take Tiger Airways ever again.


Initially, the flight plan to KL was supposedly at like 2PM or so, and eventually, it was delayed for an hour. It was fine because they let us know like a week before departure so we could do some adjustments to our time and all but when we were flying back, the flight was delayed again AND again, and the damn airport people didn't seem to be keeping us very in tab of what the fuck is actually happening.....

And we were like fucking lost chickens in the airport wondering if we had missed the boarding time because the damn gate wouldn't open and all announcements were seemed to be only for Airasia's flights.

Until about 4PM, which was the supposed flight time, then a single, non-repeated announcement was made that the flight was delayed, with NO FUCKING REASONS, and Nian had to miss his exams.

I mean, I know that we shouldn't even play with luck and come back on the very day when his exams are supposed to be on but what the heck the flight was supposed to be at 2PM and the paper was at 7PM. How did shit happen until we reach Singapore at like.. 7PM sia!?!?!

But nevermind about that, I enjoyed myself, and that's all it matters, right! :D

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