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Monday, December 22, 2008

As mentioned in my previous entry before I kinda disappeared for a few days, I was invited by Fr3b.com as one of the 4 bloggers to attend a DIY Soap Making, BB Cream Making and Cleansing Oil Making session and boy I had so much fun!

Thanks again to Elfaine and Fr3b.com for inviting me to their 2nd bloggers' event, after the first one I attended at Qian Zhu Ge! :D

Jayeon Miyin means All Natural in Korean and this is exactly what JM brings for all ladies in Singapore - 100% All Natural ingredients so as to provide women the best of what Mother Nature gives us, and of course, who likes having chemicals slapped on their faces?

JM carries many types of carrier oils, such as the Golden Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil etc. Check out the wide array of display, I'll never be able to finish naming them I swear.

I think a really considerate move by JM staffs is that under each type of oil, they had also included a rough summary of what each oil could help for our complexion etc., so that it makes purchasing so much easier! I mean.. I would definitely have no idea what would Avocado Oil do to my face, until I read the little description, I realised it actually helps to moisturize the face :D

So as I mentioned, we actually went through 2 classes over a period of 3 hours, learning how to make the following:
  1. Soap suitable for face and body (yes, DIY soaps are less harsh and dehydrating, so it's suitable for the face as well!)
  2. Cleanser Oil (Sesame and Rachel did the one for oily face, while Jacelyn and I did the one for dry face)
  3. BB Cream! (This has to be the most exciting of the lot!)
Check out also the hugeeee array of cosmetics JM carries as well! In the bottom pic, Susan the instructor (who is also btw from Korea) is demonstrating how the cleanser oil will emulsify with water, so that our face won't be too oily after wash.

Everybody, once again, meet Elfaine (pronounced as El-fa-nee) the founder of Fr3b.com! I have to really thank her for this opportunity (and of course the many more to come HEEHEE) and for her to keep my camera for me cuz muddle-headed me left my camera at JM after the event cuz I was rushing to my show later on in the evening!

*smacks head*

I wouldn't want to lose this camera! Thank goodness Elfaine was sharp-eyed enough and kept it for me.

Owe you a drink girl!! *kiss kiss*

Ok so back to the first class: Soap Making

I had intended to use pink colour for my soap since I wanted to make Hello Kitty, not Dear Daniel.. and I wanted my heart-shaped soap to be pink, not blue in colour....

But I decided to use blue (mint flavoured) in the end cuz the rest of the girls decided to go with pink and I didn't want to cause more confusion by having ALL of the same colour!

Besides... I love a variety of colours, don't you? :D

Here's the results of our soap making class!

We moved on to our next item to make: Cleansing Oil

Making the cleansing oil has to be the most idiot-proof method ever. You just need to mix all the carrier oils together, warm it up in the water bath, and it's ready to be used!


I love simple make-up removing steps! (*thinks about the facial cleanser, moisturizer, pimple cream, scar lightener and vitamin C serum I have to apply every day from Dr. Joyce Lim......)

This cleanser oil can last up to 6 months of use.

Now, we move on to the exciting part of the entire 3 hours!! THE MAKING OF BB CREAM!!

Think about it: A bottle of BB Cream usually purchased from Korea costs about $50 - $60 and most of the time, we usually have no idea how much of each ingredient is added, and whether or not it'd be harmful to the skin. DIY BB Cream allows us to mix and match our shade (which rocks because most BB Creams only have one by-default shade, and it sucks for me. Honestly!), and we get to add the carrier oils we like as well, just to suit our skin complexion.

Aiyo!!! This is so tailor made it drives me a little wizzy wozzy I swear! Imagine a BB Cream that is made specially for you. Want to how exclusive, you tell me.

The steps are rather complicated, even though I managed to smartly summarized into 3 little comic pictures. LOL. We had to prepare the oil part, the water part (which is basically hydrosols), and then the additional solid parts.

It kinda reminds me of baking you know.. like the flour and baking powder in a bowl, and then the eggs, vanilla essence, milk, butter and what not in the other..... mix each of them up evenly before pouring them together. It's somewhat like that!

And my shade of BB Cream makes me hungry. Kinda resembles chocolate fudge, no!?!

Ok *queues stomach growl*

See, I'm very proud of my BB Cream. I mixed it with shade 21 and 23, and I get nice shade 44!! (ok just kidding there's no such thing as shade 44, is there????)

Here's owner and also instructor of JM, Susan. :D

If you guys are interested in DIY classes, JM actually holds a couple of them as follow:

Code 1 Hair Care Workshop $88.00
1 x 250ml bottle of shampoo for your own hair type
1 x 250ml bottle of conditional for your own hair type
1 x 250ml bottle of shower gel for your own skin type

Code 2 Skin Care Workshop $98.00
1 x 150ml bottle of scrub for your own skin type
1 x 100ml bottle of toner for your own skin type
1 x 150ml bottle of moisturising lotion for your own skin type

Code 3 Make-up Workshop $98.00
1 x 100ml bottle of cleansing oil for your own skin type
1 x 70ml bottle of BB Cream for your own skin colour

Code 4 Natural Soap Workshop $48.00
3 to 4pcs X 100g of body & face soap for your skin.

Code 5 Natural Baby workshop $108.00
1 x 250ml bottle of shower gel for your baby skin type
1 x 250ml bottle of shampoo for your baby skin type
1 x 100ml jars of lotion for your baby
Here's Jacelyn and I, my partner for BB Creams and Cleanser Oil :D (Note to self: I must remember to stand further away from the camera, otherwise learn the liquify tool in photoshop!!!!)

A group photo! Elaine, Elfanie, Sesame, Jacelyn, YOURS TRULY and Rachel :D

And thanks to Jayeon Miyin, I get to walk away with a self-made Cleansing Oil, BB Cream and 4 very cute soaps, Rosemary Shampoo and body wash. It's almost $200 over dollars worth of stuff including the free DIY lessons!

Jayeon Miyin
Website: http://www.jayeonmiyin.com/
Address: China Square Central 18 Cross St #01-07 Singapore 048423
Telephone: +65 65362908
Fax: +65 65362927
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 11am to 8 pm

Picture courtesy of Jieshi at

Jieshi hopped by my place earlier on on Sunday afternoon and we spent the whole day lazing around, making muffins and lunch! The muffins turns out a little like those yellow cakes I used to eat when I was young! I don't know if you guys know what it is, but my family calls it Kway Neng Goh in Hokkien. LOL.

Sorry if I caught you a little off right there. :P

I made vanilla muffins with white chocolates inside and it turns out relatively ok, except that when it swelled up so huge, the chocolates were almost non-existent. LOL! I must remember to be more generous and throw in more chocolates the next time round. :P

Made the usual pasta, but this time Nian wanted Linguine (which I fondly call it as Mee Pok) and it turned out a little too tough cuz I was too busy mending the oven I kinda forgot to stir a bit more to the Linguine.

Nevermind! I guess better luck next time hahaha!

And thanks to Jieshi love, who has lovingly bought me a X'mas present so cute! 2nd X'mas present for the year, and I am smelling more to come! I love X'mas exchanges! :D

It's a jewelry holder, shioky pie for me because my new necklaces and bracelets have a new home!! :D

So after that I did what a good girlfriend would do - to be at my boyfriend's soccer game to give him moral support! :P

He did really well today at the games, I think! They won 11-1, currently 2nd in the league table. They just need to continue what they are doing right now, I'm sure they will clinge the championship very soon!! :D

We went on a date at Bugis, and had dinner in a nice little restaurant. :D

(which is good! We usually dine in kopitiams and hawker centers so this is a good change hahahaha)

Did I mention I'm a sucker for necklaces? 3rd X'mas present for the year!

Ok, as you can see my boyf is fast asleep and so I'm gonna head to the bed too. It's 2AM already geez I can't believe I spent only an hour at it! (Think about photo editing + combining + blogging = 1 hour) I'm getting efficient at this heehee.

Ok! Oh you guys know what? It's the FIRST DAY OF WORK TOMORROW!!! *yelps!!

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