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Thursday, December 04, 2008

I meant to do this write up for Ryoumi about 2 months ago after receiving a sample from them to try! I'm so sorry I took such a long time!

Ryoumi is an entire series of quality product newly flowing through the Asian market, under Ryoumi's website there are 4 different types of beauty skincare specially formulated for different people with different preferences. These 4 types are mainly:

Dr. Oasis - Using the power of water, Dr. Oasis products infuses and pumps in water into our skin, hydrating it and restoring the skin to its youthful state.

La Sincia - Hydration of the skin based on Natural Gel.

Aqua Gel - Using the power of Platinum to maintain electric potential of the plus in the outside and the minus in the inside, to prevent moisture outflow, causing skin roughness, blotch, skin darkening,  wrinkle, and sagging skin.

Lipoderm - Using the power of Natural Gel and Essence to maintain youthful skin, free from wrinkles and other ageing signs.

The sample that I got was under Dr. Oasis!
Dr. Oasis Hydrating Magic Water - $69.00

When applied to the hand in small amounts, it is slightly creamy in texture. Like the "water in oil" formula that is highly raved after, this hydrating magic water generously hydrates the skin very quickly!

Apart from that, when you gently rub them over the back of your hand, it degenrates into water droplets for easy absorbtion into the skin. :D

Ryoumi has also very generously offered me 2 other samples to try:

The White Peeling Gel ($69) that is made of green tea and mulberry bark extracts, promises to remove epidermal dead cells and cuticles easily and perfectly. Thanks to the cell intimacy formula, which deeply cleans the pores, and provides repairing and nourishing actions to the cells as well, gives you charming and instant white face naturally.

The White Treatment Pack ($78) promises to stimulate the whitening and repairing actions within the cells, in order to restore the skin with natural and translucent white tone.

I'd very much love to try these two items but unfortunately I'm currently using Dr. Joyce Lim's facial products and in order to curb my sensitive skin, I should not be using masks and the likes of it. =(

What a waste!

However, I'm keeping these 2 samples close to me, so that once I ease off with the facial medications, I can start experimenting with these gorgeous samples again!

Ryoumi also encourages spree organisers for bulk purchase as well, with $300 and $500 spending in a year, Ryoumi offers the Pure and Radiant Membership to these customers, and you get to walk away with fantastic Travel Sets like the one below:

Dr. Oasis 10 piece Travel Set worth $75

Radiant Members can walk away with 2 additional Travel packs from La Sincia ($90) and Aquagel ($78).

If you're interested in any of the above items, please feel free to leave a message HERE. There are many many more products I have not featured, but available in their website too!

thesuper-girl.livejournal.com readers get to enjoy a 20% discount! (Or so Mark says. :P)


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