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Friday, March 09, 2007

A colleague of mine is going back Vietnam after spending 2 years here pursuing her Master degree. Actually I rather admire her, because she is married with a kid, and yet she has the will to come over for 2 years on scholarship to get what she wanted.

So, we had a farewell dinner for her last night with the most Thai food ever. And that includes having at a roadside stall too. LOL.

One of my favourite food over here, make a guess what is it? :D

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It’s duck’s beak, deep fried. :D :D :D

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It’s AMAZINGLY delicious I think, LOL! The soft cartilage, when it goes with the Thai chilli sauce.. it’s AWWWWWWW!!

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Glutinous rice and Som Tam are a few of my staple food here. Som Tam is made up of cucumber, tomatoes, onions, cherries all mixed into some spicy sauced-salad.

Now I know why Thai girls have perfect complexion – must be the cucumbers, I think.

I had this dish earlier on for a late dinner with another 2 more Singaporeans and Pern, a local.

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It’s bread with Kaya!!

But the kaya is so different here, it’s watery, and it’s mixed with MORE coconut milk. Sinful Absolut, but Ah-roiii! (Delicious in Thai).

Next time, I will try to post the you tiao and the soyabean milk here. It’s more yummy as compared to Singapore, I think. The soyabean milk is added with jellies and pearls and sagos. Aiyoooo!! And the hippiest part is that for a whole bag of you tiao and a packet of soyabean-jelly-milk, it only costs 70cents SGD.

Back to my research, the shrimps gave birth to smaller shrimps, and virus included. Yesterday I had quite a nightmare trying to catch them and getting their gills because they get so freaked out they were darting everywhere!!

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This is a picture of the normal shrimp without the Abdominal Segmented Deficiency Syndrome (something along the line, the virus is so long I HATE thinking about it.)

I added a line across the shrimp, just to show you the difference between the normal ones, and those infected ones.

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See, they have straight abdomen for normal shrimps. Shrimps infected with ASDS virus looks like this:

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Not very obvious, but after I draw the line of symmetry, you would probably see it better.

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How about this?

Yeah, so the shrimps particularly have stunted growth, and this virus is so infectious it can infect the whole pond of shrimps, and even though it wouldn’t cause death in human when we consume, but it decreases yield for shrimp farmers.

And who knows? Since virus can mutate so quickly, maybe it might be like Shrimp Flu (ala the Bird Flu).

Actually think about it, maybe you won’t be exactly very interested in shrimps, unless they are like done in Tom Yum, or batter-fried.

Anyways! I gotta go. I’ve been really geeky these days because I hide in the lab the whole day surfing net and running electrophoresis gel.

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