First Day of Two Months

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And so, work started at 9.30AM Singapore Time and ended at 10.30PM for me today. It was not exactly hard work, very mudane in fact.

I’m doing this project on Bamboo-shaped virus on Tiger Prawns, and I don’t know why, prawns are like human beings, so many different types of viral infections, so many bacterial infections, the whole lab of almost the size of Singapore Poly’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences are all for none other than shrimp works in Cintex Shrimp Building.

I was really tired yesterday, and I missed Edwin terribly. Hence the inconsistent entry. Not trying to imply that I wasn’t tired, neither was I trying to say I didn’t miss him, but today my mood was slightly calmer as compared to yesterday’s, and I didn’t travel as much as yesterday, so probably that constitutes a factor as well?


Since I have the time now, let me show you how’s life like in Bangkok, alright? :D

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Took Air Asia down, I thought it would be the most budget, but no, it costs me 220 SGD ok. *shrugs*
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Yah, narcissism on flight.

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Saw this in Bangkok International Airport, I thought it looks pretty cool!

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Traffic in Bangkok is notoriously bad, you see cars still going when it’s on red light. I mean, we do these kinda stuff too, but definitely not infront of the traffic police, right?

Well, they do.

Yeah, and girls sitting on their boyfriend’s bike can sit like those olden times where your dad used to ride your mom on a bicycle.

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The tuktuk that took me to Big C, the mighty supermarket that sells everything. Cheap too. Hehe.
My colleague-cum-nanny for the day, Phen.

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The little fella I’m working on, super fierce I tell you. >:( No wonder the virus didn’t let him off! ROARS.

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Our aquarium filled with little fishies and shrimps.

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My absolutely boring Microbio lab. I hate Microbio because it’s extremely boring, especially the part where we have to run PCR, electrophoresis (the gel takes an awfully long time to set!), yada yada yada.

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You know, the shifts here are so long! It’s madness. I worked a full 12 hour shift yesterday, and I think I can’t escape today too. Sigh.

Long working hours ain’t that bad if we get results in the end, what was REALLY irritating yesterday was after 12 whole hours trying to synthesize cDNA, we didn’t get any in our electrophoresis gel.


Super uber sad I tell you.

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My work desk, just beside my lab desk. You know, we don’t use tissue boxes here, everyone uses toilet rolls everywhere. And they use water sprays in toilets instead of toilet rolls.=.= so weird.
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The lab table and loads of chemicals.

You know, they use Skippy Peanut Butter jam to store eppendorff tubes. HAhahahahaha!!

And toilet papers in place of C-fold papers. I think students in Singapore are like fucking spoilt.

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We all have a log book whereby apart from the stupid book we have from SP, to write down FORMAL REPORTS everytime we do an experiment.

I think by the end of the 2 months, I will be an expert on formal reports!! And by then, no one will say they hate working with me because I procrastinate too much, or I suck because I don’t do my part.

I rule, because I do every single part on my own, like before.

Okay! I think I gotta go because after spending 4 hours of waiting for the PCR reaction to be ready, I think it’s finally ready.

Till then!


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